Torn Between Two Paths: A Spotlight on Apprenticeships

Deciding to continue with further studies is never an easy choice. Either go  the University route or find another option. When considering the University route, there are many factors to consider for example, cost and whether there will be any guarantee of a job after graduating. University is not the only option.

Apprenticeships come with a heap of benefits for example gaining first-hand experience whilst studying. This means individuals can earn while they learn as well as network with professionals in the industry. Another major advantage is knowing that you will finish your course debt free as all study costs are paid for.

An apprenticeship in Surveying for example has the following benefits:

  • Gain an industry recognized qualification which can be used across the globe!
  • Pave the way for an exciting and diverse range of Surveying careers!
  • Earn while you learn – this means you will earn a salary while you study and gain experience!

“I decided to choose an apprenticeship with Adair, Charted Surveyors and Construction Consultants as it meant I was able to gain great experience in Surveying and start earning simultaneously and at the end have a degree without the costs that come with University. I’m looking forward to learning from all their experts and believe I will be supported greatly by the team.”

Ryan Brady – Adair apprentice

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