Three is the Magic Number: What Makes an Excellent Quantity Surveyor?

What exactly makes a good Quantity Surveyor? It’s not just the technology and software used. Excellent Quantity Surveyors possess traits that set them apart from the average, on top of their knowledge and skills. The best Quantity Surveyors have the following:  

  1. Communication – A Quantity Surveyors’ communication is crucial for a smooth sailing, successful project. Not just between all relevant parties and the client but within their team. They need to be a great listener, keep a level head and be clear and confident. For clients it ensures their vision is delivered without wires crossing, avoiding future disputes. 
  1. Critical Thinking – This is vital for a Quantity Surveyor in their decision making. They need to see the whole picture for the project, taking a logical, objective, and conscientious approach. “What If” should always be asked to enable swift responses to any impending challenges. For a client, this reassures you that any issues are resolved immediately with confidence.
  1. Attention to Detail – Being meticulous ensures accuracy reducing room for errors, especially with all the technical tools available, Quantity Surveyors need to use their knowledge and not rely solely on these. The more vigilant a surveyor, the less likely there will be any surprises in the project.

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