Retention Recovery Service

Retention is a common term used in construction and represents monies which are entitled to be collected once due. Retention is money held as a safeguarding mechanism against for example, defects which may develop and the contractor may fail to remedy. 

Adair is providing a low value construction adjudication service to give UK contractors and subcontractors a simple and cost- effective procedure that will make solving disputes more accessible and quicker for low value claims.  

The service will operate in accordance with the ground-breaking CIC Low Value Disputes Model Adjudication Procedure (LVD MAP) procedure and is a direct response to concerns that adjudication had become too costly and complex for smaller amounts. 

The service is aimed at disputes where the amounts claimed are for £50,000 or less, and the issues in dispute are relatively uncomplicated.  Adair have high-quality adjudicators who have the expertise to deliver the service. 

If you would like help relating to the collection of retention money please email in the Dispute Resolution team or contact us at