Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Market insight that gives you the most appropriate insurance cover

Adair’s Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA) service aims to provide clients with tailored, accurate reinstatement cost assessments on property both in the residential and commercial sector across the UK. Reinstatement cost assessments are required by most insurance underwriters and are highly technical.

We enable our clients to better protect their property assets by providing expert cost assessments using industry recognized full, transparent and accurate evaluations of rebuilding costs. We support our clients by combining Adair’s real time market awareness and construction experience with established cost assessment methods and databases. Our goal is to provide our clients with a market leading high quality service.

Why is Reinstatement Cost Assessments required?

  • In the event of a claim a reinstatement cost assessment guarantees buildings/estate are insured sufficiently.
  • Avoids over insurance e.g. based on capital value
  • Avoids distortion through index linking
  • Comply with the lease and best practice

Full reinstatement cost assessments should ideally be completed every three years, however if there are significant changes to the building/estate it is recommended to carry out an updated reinstatement cost assessment.

Should you require expert advice on reinstatement cost assessments, please contact: Mark Passfield on + 44(0)7793 033 743 and/or email