Factors that can increase a reinstatement cost

Development costs do not compare well, if at all, with the costs of reinstatement following for example, a serious fire. There are many factors which make reinstatement costs higher including:​

  • The need to commence works urgently
  • The timescales involved when residents are rendered homeless​
  • Demolition / temporary support and protection and propping adjacent buildings​
  • Changed surroundings due to the passage of time​
  • Addition of features e.g. outbuildings post-development​
  • Additional site access costs​
  • Less efficient work programming requirements​
  • The differing profile of professional fees​

Also, developers will construct the development of property in the most efficient way for example:

  • Building from the middle of the site outwards or from one edge to another. ​
  • There can be further access complications of bringing the same plant onto site when it comes to re-instatement.
  • Additional buildings may have been erected since the property was constructed, making access significantly more difficult.

For more information or if you require a Reinstatement Cost Assessment, please contact: Adam Sukhon – Head of Reinstatement Cost Assessments | adam.sukhon@adair.co.uk.