Easy as One, Two, Three: Three benefits of Project Monitoring

Project monitoring is regularly overlooked or viewed as just another box to check off on a task list; however, it is a vital part of a project’s lifespan. It involves tracking a project’s metrics, progress, and associated tasks to ensure completion on time and on budget whilst meeting specific requirements and standards. It monitors, recognises and identifies roadblocks that may arise and taking action to rectify these problems.

The benefits of Project Monitoring are:

1. Quality Control – Project monitors ensure tasks are complete to specific requirements compared to established quality standards. If issues arise, changes are requested and made.

2. Work monitoring and control – This means clients and stakeholders are up to date. Projects are assessed for status and quality of deliverables against baseline goals.

3. Scope verification – This is important to ensure stakeholders and the team are on the same page. It encourages accountability from team members and the stakeholders and shows that the project is accepted at each execution stage.

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