Today the CIC inaugurated Justin Sullivan as its new Chair at its Council meeting. Justin succeeds Stephen Hodder MBE in this role for a two year term of office starting with immediate effect. On taking up his new role, Justin said, “It is a great honour and privilege to be appointed as Chair of the Construction Industry Council.  My priority will be to continue to build on our solid foundation and lead the organisation especially during these challenging times. It is vital we have an organisation that is relevant for our Members’ and Professionals within the Built Environment.

I have a clear vision of where I want the CIC to be, delivering the ongoing changes we need to stay relevant and successful, and which capture the desires and needs of the market and the professions. What has become apparent over the last year, is the need to work together, to facilitate collaboration and work with our members and others, utilising expertise to shape a built environment that delivers a better society and a better world. I look forward to taking the CIC from strength to strength and delivering on behalf of our members and colleagues”.

CIC’s Outgoing Chairman Stephen Hodder said “It has been a real honour to chair the Construction Industry Council and witness the industry and collaboration between member institutions, particularly during the pandemic. I would like to thank the Board, Graham and staff for all their support and hard work in delivering the agenda I set out two years ago despite the challenging conditions. I welcome Justin into his role as CIC Chair and look forward to continuing to work with him for the next year in my capacity as Deputy Chair. I have had the pleasure of working with Justin, albeit virtually, over the past year notably on the steering group for CIC’s current Strategic Review which has also been launched today. I trust that Justin will help drive the recommendations of the review forward and excel within his new role”.

With over 100 years of combined experience, Adair’s highly qualified and diverse Dispute Resolution team has the knowledge and understanding of the construction industry to provide services on a wide array of construction disputes.

We offer a full range of services for the complete and successful resolution of a dispute including:

• Quantum Expert Witness
• Forensic Delay Expert Witness
• Claims preparation and defence
• Contractual Advice
• Adjudication
• Arbitration
• Mediation
• Litigation

We are regularly instructed to provide Independent Expert opinion on the quantum of a dispute on behalf of either the claiming or defending party or as a joint independent expert acting for both parties. We are fully equipped to be instructed during the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings and maintain the capacity to begin Adjudications with minimal notice, providing our expert services for either referring or responding party’s.

Our Dispute Resolution service can go over and above the preparation of reports and cost schedules with senior members having the skills, experience and knowledge to take part in mediation negotiations or attending court days to provide evidence.

“In terms of Justin

1. We instruct him on a number of cases worth several million (or tens of millions) of pounds. He is our “go to” QS for high value and complex litigation, but also on urgent matters (such as adjudications that required a consistently high level of service;

2. His report writing is first class and he has an excellent appreciation of his role, function and duties.  I have not seen him cross-examined because none of our cases have reached that point, but I understand that he has good experienced in the box; and

3. He has a great team around him, so we always know that he will deliver to urgent deadlines.

In short, Justin is excellent.  I could not recommend him highly enough.”

Lee Cooper
Senior Associate
for Kennedys
Justin Sullivan, Founder & CEO
Mark Borge, Director, Head of Dispute Resolution
Simon Sutcliffe, Associate Director
James Crampsie, Quantity Surveyor & Dispute Resolution
Adam Scholfield, Quantity Surveyor & Dispute Resolution
Michael Sullivan, Dispute Resolution Assistant

Development costs do not compare well, if at all, with the costs of reinstatement following for example, a serious fire. There are many factors which make reinstatement costs higher including:​

  • The need to commence works urgently
  • The timescales involved when residents are rendered homeless​
  • Demolition / temporary support and protection and propping adjacent buildings​
  • Changed surroundings due to the passage of time​
  • Addition of features e.g. outbuildings post-development​
  • Additional site access costs​
  • Less efficient work programming requirements​
  • The differing profile of professional fees​

Also, developers will construct the development of property in the most efficient way for example:

  • Building from the middle of the site outwards or from one edge to another. ​
  • There can be further access complications of bringing the same plant onto site when it comes to re-instatement.
  • Additional buildings may have been erected since the property was constructed, making access significantly more difficult.

For more information or if you require a Reinstatement Cost Assessment, please contact: Adam Sukhon – Head of Reinstatement Cost Assessments |

The topic for this event was ‘Spotting common risks in property development and how lenders can protect themselves’ where the panel discussed which development projects are more prone to problems and how this impacts lender appetite, as well as how to identify and resolve these early on.  

Richard Payne, Director, Project Monitoring headed the discussion along side the panel of experts: Rachel Titley, Head of Midlands office & Associate Director, Adair, Andrew Evans, Head of Lending Services, Victoria Mutual Finance Ltd, Tom Alexander, Director, Aukett Swanke, Jason Green, Chief Executive Officer, Halsbury Homes and Benjamin Philips, Head of Property Lending, Alpha Property Lending.

If you would like to listen to the engaging, lively discussion, the full roundtable recording can be viewed below:

Practical steps on retention recovery:

1) The first action is to check the contract, when is the retention due to be paid?
2) Are there any actions that need to be taken, such as making a formal application to a specific person.
3) Is there any specific defects which prevent payment of the retention?
4) Is there a reason why the contractor or client hasn’t paid the retention?
5) If the client hasn’t provided a reason behind the prevention of payment and the contract has been complied with in respect of retention recovery, then the retention recovery process can commence.

The retention recovery service process is based on a three stage approach. The stages are:

  1. Initial notice.
  2. Notice of intention to adjudicate.
  3. Adjudication.

Stage 1 Initial notice

The initial notice is a pre-adjudication notice issued to the company secretary of the withholding party. Stating that Adair has been employed to recover the retention, the basis of the retention recovery and setting a time limit for the withholding party to respond, if a response is not received Adair will commence adjudication on the client’s behalf.

There are three potential outcomes to this notice, these are:

  • Pay the outstanding retention.
  • Ignore.
  • Dispute.

If the retention is paid then the process is complete. If the notice is ignored, then we move to stage two the notice of adjudication. If the release is disputed, then Adair will check the basis of the dispute and advise the client accordingly.

The dispute should be sanity and risk checked, if the dispute is not valid then Adair will advise escalating to stage two, the notice of adjudication. If the dispute is valid then Adair will advise not to pursue the retention release.

At this stage a financial health check of the paying party should be carried out, a check of a Dunn and Bradstreet (or similar report) and a check for any current litigation.

The initial notice is a form letter which will take approximately half an hour to complete.

The proposed price for stage 1 is £245, which is for the preparation of the initial notice and to sanity check and advise if the notice is disputed.

Stage 2 Notice of intention to adjudicate

The second stage is for use when the initial notice is either ignored or disputed. If the notice is ignored or disputed and the basis of the dispute is not valid, then a notice of referral is prepared. If it is possible under the contract, UK Adjudicators is proposed as the nominating body. UK Adjudicators do not charge a nomination fee.

The potential outcomes after issuing the notice to adjudicate are:

  • Payment of the outstanding retention.
  • Dispute.

If the outstanding retention is paid, then the issue is closed. If the retention is disputed, then the dispute is sanity checked and the client advised to either proceed or withdraw.

The proposed price for the second stage is £700 which is based on four hours. This includes a sanity check of any dispute.

Stage 3 Adjudication

The dispute phase is started only if it is apparent that the defence raised by the paying party in the dispute is not valid. The points raised by the paying party will be checked and incorporated into the adjudication referral document.

The parameters of the adjudication should be agreed and set out with the client prior to the issuing of any referral notice. The basis of the referral may change with the paying party’s documentation issued and evolve into a new dispute. If this happens the original notice should be withdrawn and a new notice of intention issued.

The adjudication stage is proposed at £3,500 which is based on 20 hours.

If require any help relating to the retention recovery service process, please email in the Dispute Resolution team or contact us via 

Q.  What is a building reinstatement cost assessment? 

Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA) is the basis adopted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for undertaking an appraisal of property, and plant and machinery/contents for insurance purposes. 

Q. What is a reinstatement cost? 

The reinstatement cost of your property is how much it would cost to completely rebuild the property if it were totally destroyed, for example by fire. It is not the same as the value of your home and covers the cost of materials and labour. Reinstatement costs are for an accurate reconstruction of a property. 

Q. Why are RCA’s required? 

  • To ensure buildings / estate are adequately insured in the event of a claim 
  • To avoid over insurance eg based on capital value 
  • To avoid distortion through index linking 
  • To comply with the lease and best practice 

Q. What does reinstatement of a property mean? 

Reinstating a property means rebuilding it to its original condition. In doing so, all efforts will be made to ensure that the same construction methods and materials are used as before. 

Q. How often should an RCA be conducted? 

The RICS recommends that full RCA’s are carried out every three years although updated RCAs should be undertaken whenever there are significant changes to the buildings, or investment/downsizing in the plant and machinery/contents. 

Q. Who will carry out the RCA? 

The RCA should ideally be carried out by a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. 

Q. What information is needed for an RCA to be completed? 

When undertaking an initial RCA, an accurate address and permission to access all areas of a property are required. Scalable plans may also be required in addition to Health and Safety documentation and any other relevant information (previous RCAs, schedule of condition, schedule of areas). 

Q.  What is the final reinstatement cost calculated on? 

The final Reinstatement Cost calculation will take into account the building’s size, age, construction, location and associated services and utilities. 

Q.  What is the difference between Buildings Declared Value (BDV) and Buildings Sum Insured (BSI)?

The BDV is the value of the property, the bricks and mortar: everything that is fixed to the property including fitted kitchens and bathrooms. It does not take into consideration the value of the land or the desirability of the area. It is simply the rebuild cost. The Sum Insured figure is always higher than the BDV to cover you against the rise in building materials or inflation over the period of insurance.

If you have further questions or require a Reinstatement Cost Assessment, please contact: Adam Sukhon – Head of Reinstatement Cost Assessments |

What is the Condition of Average clause?

The condition of average clause is used in every insurance policy to protect not only property owners assets but also the insurance company and their customers. If a property owner has only paid part of the premium it means they will not receive a full insurance payment.

How does it work?

The average clause is applied when an insurance company has found a property owners insurance-value sum to be incorrect against their own valuation. It is in a property owners interest to investigate the terms of their policy as the value can vary significantly.

For example, many property owners will believe they have sufficient insurance cover if damages to their property have repairs costing £100,000 but their buildings total declared reinstatement insurance value is £1 million. However, if the insurance company determine the actual cost of rebuilding the property is £1.2 million, they have the right to claim there is inadequate cover in place and reduce the claim via a ‘condition of average clause’. This means the claim will be reduced by the same proportion as the amount ‘under’ insurance.

If a buildings Reinstatement Insurance Assessment is out of date or is reliant on historic data, reductions in the pay-out of claims can be as much as 50% which can have dreadful effects on property owners across the UK.

Therefore, it is crucial for property owners to ensure they have a Reinstatement Cost Assessment completed at least every 3 years to guarantee their asset is insured correctly. If you are in need of a Reinstatement Cost Assessment please get in contact with:

Adam Sukhon– Head of Reinstatement Cost Assessments |

+44 (0)7809 678 387

Underinsuring a property asset has significant financial implications for a property owner. If the reinstatement figure is calculated inaccurately or has not been updated regularly every three years, there will be insufficient monies to rebuild the property.

10 Top Tips To Avoid Underinsuring a property asset

  1. Have a full assessment done by a Chartered Quantity Surveyor to find out the correct reinstatement value of the estate/building at least every 3 years (as recommended by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
  2. Make the insurer aware of any changes made to the estate/building such as an extension, any improvements or replacements or indeed business changes, for example new machinery or technology in the building.
  3. Make sure the insurance cover is based on what it would cost to rebuild the estate/building not what the market value of the estate/building currently is.
  4. If a property is a listed building and/or in a conservation area, it will require special consideration. The time and cost of the repairs/rebuilds are likely to be far greater.
  5. Make the insurer aware of all the assets the estate/building has in order to ensure everything is fully covered.
  6. Remember to factor in the cost of professional fees such as for Consultants,  Architects, Surveyors or Structural Engineers in the event of a loss.
  7. Following the updated Brexit rules it is important to be aware of the impact of currency fluctuations and the affect it has on your sum insured.
  8. Check the VAT status as some building’s reinstatement might attract VAT whiles others might not and the position can vary.
  9. Insure everything: Contents should be insured for their new replacement value and the value should be sufficient to cover all of the contents.
  10. Ensure an understanding of the ‘average clause’ which is where a declared value is deemed to be under assessed and the claim amount is reduced by the same ratio.

For further information and expert advice please contact: Adam Sukhon, Head of Reinstatement Cost Assessments at or call + 44 (0)7809 678 387.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments are an important part of property ownership, as over or under-insuring your asset can result in significant issues. Adair is offering a service where we enable clients to better protect their property assets by providing expert cost assessments using industry recognized, full, transparent and accurate evaluations of rebuilding costs in the event of destruction.

We also ensure that you do not pay too much if your property has been over insured historically. You will be supported by combining our real time market awareness and construction experience with established cost assessment methods and databases. For expert advice contact: Adam Sukhon – Head of Reinstatement Cost Assessments | |+ 44 (0)7809 678 387 or find out more by clicking on the link:

Following the latest Government announcement, we confirm that business will continue as usual. Adair will continue to follow all the official guidelines put in place to ensure our team, suppliers and clients are kept safe to support the NHS and the national effort to manage and beat the outbreak of Covid-19.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your usual contact in the Adair team. Or if you would like to find out more about our services or discuss any project requirements, please contact us at

Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe.

Adair is excited to announce that we have just moved into new offices in another prestigious location in Mayfair!

The move was necessary due to the expansion of the Dispute Resolution team and the growth of the company. We look forward to welcoming our partners and friends once restrictions have been lifted but pleased to share some pictures of our new offices In the meantime and to keep you all updated!

Adair’s New Mayfair Office

The Adair team spent an awesome couple of days at Daytona Milton Keynes taking part in the property prokart challenge 2020. We also contributed to raising money for the charity Myeloma UK. Can’t wait to return next year!

Sutton Cricket Club held their annual single wicket day on Sunday 31st August and what a day! Both the men’s and women’s tournament produced first time Champions! Keith Gilpin for the men and Jess Lewis for the women.

Throughout the day, money was raised for the Club and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity through raffle tickets, buckets, a single wicket programme and an auction held at the end of the day where some fantastic prizes were bid for. An amazing amount of money was raised with approximately 2000 pounds donated to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Well done to all involved and we are very proud to continue to be sponsors of this amazing cricket club.

The whole team at Adair were thrilled to win the Property Professional Award at last week’s inaugural TrustedLand Awards 2020. These awards recognise the talent and dedication of SME property development professionals in the UK. The event was supported by CrowdProperty and rasied money for the charity LandAid.

There were three other individual categories: Real Developer Award won by Ridgepoint Homes, Architect Award won by Gunn Architects and Planner Award won by Pegasus Group.

Adair is delighted to announce Donal Hogan has recently become a chartered member of the RICS.

Donal has experience in the UK and Ireland markets on both the consultancy and contracting side. He has provided cost management and project monitoring (Lender’s due diligence) services in a variety of sectors including residential, commercial, health and leisure and hospitality. Clients include development finance providers, including senior stretch funders, peer-to-peer lenders as well as mezzanine and equity finance providers.

Congratulations to Donal!


10 June 2020

CIC appoints Justin Sullivan as new Deputy Chair

At a meeting of its Council on 9 June 2020, Members of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) appointed Justin Sullivan as its new Deputy Chair commencing with immediate effect.

Justin is expected to succeed Stephen Hodder MBE, the incumbent Chair, following CIC’s June 2021 Council meeting when Stephen will stand down from his two year term of office as Chair and resume the role of Deputy Chair for one last year, in accordance with CIC’s rules and byelaws.

Justin has been a practising Quantity Surveyor for more than 30 years and is the CEO of a medium-sized business, Adair Limited, which he founded over 25 years ago. He specializes in project management, quantity surveying and project monitoring for commercial projects as well as being responsible for some of the most significant developments in the high-end residential sector over this period.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Chair of the International Construction Measurement Standards Coalition (ICMS) and Vice Chair of the RICS Construction Market Forum. Justin is past Chair of RICS Surrey, past board member of RICS SE Region and is Past General Secretary of the Council of Construction Economists (CEEC).

As an RICS Registered Expert Witness, Justin is often called to perform this role, specialising in construction quantum as a forensic quantity surveyor.

On taking up his new role Justin said: “I am delighted to be appointed as the new Deputy Chair of CIC and to be part of the team working alongside current Chair Stephen Hodder and Chief Executive Graham Watts.

I relish the challenges and opportunities that this role presents and am keen to get going on addressing some of the key issues that we face as an industry with the CIC members;  not least the impact of the current pandemic on construction but also challenges around standards and technology. Technology is changing how our industry works but I believe it needs to change faster, standards I believe will help that happen.

I believe we are at a unique point and a huge opportunity exists for our industry and as construction professionals we can be the glue that can bring technology, the profession and industry together. I am looking forward to working with all in the industry to ensure we can achieve this.”

CIC’s current Chair Stephen Hodder also welcomed the appointment saying: “I would like to congratulate Justin on joining CIC’s leadership team and ultimately taking on the role of Chair.  I look forward to working with him over the next two years to support and promote collaboration in our industry as we drive recovery from the current pandemic’.”


Notes to the editor

CIC is the representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations for professional services providers in the construction industry. It provides a single voice for professionals in all sectors of the built environment through its collective membership of 500,000 individual professionals and 25,000 firms of construction consultants.

Press Contact Kitty Pring,

Our next topic in the webinar series Covid-19 Disruption to Construction is ‘We built this City – a construction update for young Quantity Surveyors’. There will be discussion on how Quantity Surveyors have been affected as a result of Covid-19 and what they feel the future might hold for them. There will also be a Q&A session with the resident expert panel, Alan Muse FRICS, Global Director Built Environment RICS and Nik Haria, Partner Head of Construction, Edwin Coe with Chair Justin Sullivan Founder & Managing Director Adair.

Joining the panel will be guests Blane Perrotton, Managing Director, Pride Consulting IMS Ltd and Lee Tripcony, Executive Quantity Surveyor, Gleeds.

The webinar is free and here is the link to register:

Adair is delighted to announce the promotion of James Mulreany BA (Hons) MCIOB to the position of Associate Director within the company.

Since joining Adair over three years ago, James has become an indispensable member of the team and has been responsible for project managing a number of high end residential and commercial projects across London and the home counties. He has extensive experience on super-prime residential projects as well as projects for universities, museums, theatres and listed buildings. He is currently overseeing new build and refurbishment high end residential projects in prime central London.

James has a wide knowledge of all aspects of project delivery and works closely with the client to ensure schemes are delivered on time, on budget and to a high standard.

Congratulations James!

Over the last few months since the beginning of the pandemic Adair, in conjuction with the RICS, have been running a series of free webinars to provide guidance and support and as much clarity and free advice as possible to businesses and anybody effected by Covid-19 in the construction industry. The webinars feature an expert panel, who will answer any questions from the audience and are chaired by Justin Sullivan, Adair Founder and MD. They have been enormously successful with thousands of people taking part, not just from the UK but worldwide.

Our next webinar on Thursday 28th May at 10.00am to 11.00am focuses on construction disputes ‘I fought the law and the law won’ – a construction disputes update with expert panel Lucy Garrett, Queens Counsel, Keating Chambers and Matt Malloy, Adjudicator Arbitrator Mediator, MCMS Limited and with resident panellists Alan Muse, FRICS, Global Director Built Environment, RICS and Nik Haria, Partner, Head of Construction, Edwin Coe and Chair Justin Sullivan.

We would love you to join! Here is the link:

I fought the war and the war won – a construction dispute update

We are delighted to announce that James Delamere Director, Head of Building Surveying has gained Fellowship status with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

When asked how he feels, James replied “Delighted! It is great to be recognised for all your professional efforts”…

FRICS is the gold standard of RICS qualifications and a declaration of recognition for those reflecting the principles of the RICS.

Congratulations to James!

As most of the nation, Adair is now working 100% remotely as per Government guidelines; but that doesn’t mean we cannot help with your current projects. Here’s a summary of how we can still help:

Chartered surveyors and construction consultants, Adair, have become the first non-creative business to take office space at Connect Derby’s Sadler Bridge Studios.

When the company set up its Derby base in early 2019, non-creative businesses weren’t eligible to take space at Sadler Bridge Studios. However, when the rules were relaxed at the turn of the year, Adair’s head of region, Rachel Titley, and her team jumped at the chance to make the move to the building on Bold Lane in the city.

The relocation follows a hugely successful few years for Adair, which was founded in 1994 and has offices in London, Surrey and Gibraltar.

Over the years the company has established a strong track record for delivering commercial and residential developments across the UK and overseas. Its core services are quantity and building surveying, project management, dispute resolution and project monitoring.

The move to Derby forms part of the company’s strategic expansion programme with one new job recently created.

The three-storey Sadler Bridge Studios managed workspace is located on the site of the former Princes supermarket at the bottom of Sadler Gate. It features 36 high specification offices, ranging in size from 150 ft2 to 550 ft2 and is home to a diverse range of tenants from start-ups to established and developing businesses.

Earlier this year, Friar Gate and Sadler Bridge Studios were given the green light to let up to 30% of their space to tenants from across the creative industries supply chain in order to further promote entrepreneurship within the city.

Eligible businesses include professional services firms such as accountants, lawyers, financial services and HR professionals, along with education and training companies.

Commenting on the move to Sadler Bridge Studios, Rachel Titley, head of region at Adair, said:

“We are really delighted with our new, modern premises. Sadler Bridge Studios offers us a high street presence and visibility alongside the support of a serviced office environment in a modern building. The facilities here are first class, particularly the meeting room facilities and RASK, the fantastic café, which is based here.

“Connect Derby promotes collaboration and we’ve already had a couple of opportunities to work with some of the other tenants, which is an added benefit of being based here.

“We have exciting expansion plans and the space and the facilities here will give us everything we need to fulfil our growth potential and accommodate our staff and clients,” added Rachel.

Ann Bhatti, head of Connect Derby, said:

“It’s great to welcome Rachel and her team to Sadler Bridge Studios. Adair are exactly the kind of progressive, fast-growing company we hoped to attract when we opened Sadler Bridge Studios up to a wider client base.

“Adair are joining a thriving Connect Derby business community and we look forward to welcoming more non-creative businesses in the near future.”

Sadler Bridge Studios is one of the seven diverse office buildings offered by Connect Derby, alongside Friar Gate Studios, Kings Chambers, Marble Hall, Shot Tower, Riverside Chambers and the iHub innovation centre on Infinity Park.

The scheme provides micro businesses, entrepreneurs and SMEs with the high specification working environment, IT infrastructure and business support they need to grow and develop. Tenants enjoy superfast broadband, meeting rooms equipped with AV equipment, and 24/7 access. Co-working services and virtual office services are also available.

A number of offices are currently available at Friar Gate and can accommodate anything from a sole trader to larger expanding companies. Details of available offices can be found at For further information, contact Sonia Kang on 01332 742800 or email

Adair, Chartered Surveyors and Construction Consultants have become the new title sponsor of Old Emanuel Rugby Club’s Women’s 1st XV team. Adair will be supporting kit and equipment provisions to help grow and develop the team for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons.

Adair and Old Emanuel’s partnership mirrors wider efforts in the country to increase participation in the women’s game through World Rugby’s global campaign ‘Try and Stop Us’. The number of registered female players in the UK has risen by 28% to 2.7 million since 2017 with more girls playing rugby than boys in the past two years.

Old Emanuel RFC Chairman Justin Latta said: “We are delighted to welcome Adair on board as the title sponsor of Old Emanuel RFC Women’s 1st XV. Their enthusiasm and support is key to helping us recruit and develop the next generation of female rugby players in South London over the coming years.”

Justin Sullivan, Managing Director, Adair says “We are very excited to sponsor Old Emanuel Women’s Rugby Club’s Women’s team. Rugby is one of the fastest-growing team sports for Women in England and we are proud to support the team to help them achieve their goals. I am also particularly proud as I attended Emanuel from the age of 11 to 18!”.

Old Emanuel RFC Women’s Rugby team is looking to build on this momentum with plenty of fixtures lined up in 2020 and we are recruiting. If any women interested in trying rugby for the first time, contact us through Facebook @OldEmanuelRFCWomen or Instagram @old_emanuel_wrfc

Adair Ltd.
Founded in 1994, Adair is an independent multi-disciplinary consultant, with offices in Surrey, London, Midlands, and Gibraltar. Adair provides clients with solutions for every stage of the construction and property life cycle. We act as Quantity Surveyors, Building Surveyors, Project Managers, Project Monitoring Surveyors and provide Dispute Resolution services for projects across all construction sectors. 01372 847 900

Old Emanuel Rugby Football Club
Old Emanuel RFC is an RFU-accredited Community Club gaining the RFU’s Seal of Approval and Club Mark accreditation. The club has 3 senior men and one senior women team. It also has a 400-strong Minis ‘Lions’ section (U5-18), Girls, Touch Rugby and Vets ‘Portscullers’ teams. Members also have Crossfit and state-of-the-art weights facilities.

We are pleased to announce that our Derby office has relocated to Sadler Bridge Studios, Bold Lane, Derby, DE1 3NT. As the company continues to grow, these larger premises will provide the necessary space to fulfill our growth potential whilst also being able to accommodate our employees and clients in our new offices. Sadler Bridge Studios offers a high street presence and visibility and also gives the support of a serviced office environment in a modern building.

We are celebrating twenty-five years in business! Twenty-five years of building knowledge and creating value for our clients.

The company was founded in 1994 by Justin Sullivan out of a need, as he puts it to, ‘shake up the status quo’ and vowing to provide expertise and added value as standard on all projects. In the years that followed, Adair continued to grow and began acquiring a significant reputation in high end residential development. We opened our first London office 2009 and have recently opened an office in The Midlands. The company continues to go from strength to strength working on the broadest possible range of construction projects with the broadest range of client base.

We are proud to have delivered successful projects in many countries including Gibraltar, Ireland, Barbados, Finland, Spain, the Cayman Islands and the United Arab Emirates.

The passion for high standards has been evident throughout with an active involvement with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and notably Justin’s past and present roles including: Member of the International Governing Council, Global and UK Chair of the RICS Quantity Surveying and Construction Professional Group. He is one of the leading Dispute Resolution experts in the country, member of the new Rules of Measurement Part 2 drafting team, Chairman of RICS Surrey and a South East Board Member and the list could go on!

Right from the beginning, Adair has invested in their people. By training them through school, through college and onto University and then achieving RICS qualifications. Many of these people remain close to the company. 

The whole team at Adair is passionate about providing an honest and credible consultancy, which genuinely supports clients to achieve outstanding results on their projects. A simple phrase is at the core of how we do things … “client relationship focused”. These three words dictate our strategy and approach to service and communications.

This is the ethos that underpins all that we have achieved over the last 25 years.

Happy birthday to us!!