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Studying through university is a route many individuals take however, this can be very costly and does not guarantee a job after graduating. Therefore, apprenticeships are an effective way of gaining first-hand work experience, boosting industry knowledge and learning skills whilst earning a salary. An individual taking on an apprenticeship will gain a network of professionals and the opportunity to progress in their career.

Surveying apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular for young adults interested in the construction industry and building their knowledge and experience. Currently, Adair have two Quantity Surveying apprentices who are assisting on the delivery of a range of Quantity Surveying services on residential projects for private clients and developers.

The benefits of a surveying apprenticeship include:

  • Earn a salary while you study with no student loan and no tuition fees.
  • Gain an industry-recognised qualification that can be used around the world.
  • Learn skills on the job, rather than in the classroom, and start to build your professional network.
  • Open the door to a diverse and exciting range of surveying careers.

“I completed an apprenticeship to become a quantity surveyor in 2019 and found it was a great opportunity to gain invaluable first-hand experience whilst studying. I believe the combination of learning the theory alongside putting it into practical use helped to enhance my learning and improve my understanding, which in turn helped me to achieve the grades I wanted. This route also allows you to become a valued member of your team and access a whole source of knowledge and expertise, that is your colleagues, which would otherwise be inaccessible”

Leanne Smith, Quantity Surveyor at Adair

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